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DIY your own hydrogel ball reed diffuser

Everyone wants their home to be the one place they can relax, and there's nothing better then relaxing at home in a house that smells great!

I find it's not always easy to find a scent I like consistently which is why I thought I'd make my own reed diffuser, which I did, with spectacular results!

So rather than throwing away bottles from old reed diffusers why not reuse them to make your own?!

Give it a bit of a twist by using some of our hydrogel balls which you can get here

All you need is 

  • an old reed diffuser bottle (or a pretty jar/vase)


  • a pack of hydrogel balls
  • Water
  • Essential Oils (pick your favourite)


Step one

Make sure the bottle is clean and ready to be used

Step two

Place a few hydrogel balls into the bottle depending on the size of your bottle. The gel balls used for this post grew to around 1.5cms.

Don't over fill, you can always go back and add more balls later.

Step three

Fill the bottle with water, make sure the balls have plenty of water to absorb, as that's what makes them grow!

Step four

Add a few drops of essential oil. Mine was made for a bedside table so I added Lavender

Step five

Enjoy your home made pretty hydrogel reed diffuser 




I hope you found this easy to follow and made your own!

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