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Henna made easy!

Don’t you just love henna? I do!

I love seeing all the different patterns people create, and it always seems so difficult to do!

But guess what? It’s really not! have created a handy introduction to henna kit box!

With a booklet showing how you can do different strokes to build up a design, the kit also includes,

  • an inspiration booklet with various designs to copy or inspire
  • a stencil in case you want Henna straight away
  • some cotton buds
  • and of course a tube of henna

With some practise you’ll be a henna master in no time!

Buy yours [here]

We also sell some amazing henna stencils on their own in pack of 2. These stencils are always selling out and are very popular because they're just so easy to use! [Click here to buy yours]