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Why Speedy Mimi.....?

Have you ever been bored on the internet, the world at your fingertips but still only visit the same few sites?

Or have you ever wanted to buy something, maybe a small gift or just want to spend a few pounds on something fun and new?

I mean who doesn't like shopping online and that excitement when you see the postman coming up the garden path and you're there waiting under the letter box with your eager hands ready to receive that present from yourself to... yourself?!

Come on admit you do that! I can't be the only one!

Everything on is affordable and we post out from the UK to any worldwide destination!

Whether it's some socks with twist or Islamic themed decorations this site is perfect for you!

Remember we love to see you using our items so feel free to send us a picture or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @SpeedyMimiShop

Until next time


Saff (Co-founder of