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Here at Speedy Mimi we love to empower people especially if you are building up your business by yourself from scratch! If you would like to feature on our blog, be a guest blogger, or if you have an item to sell which you think would be a great fit for, drop us an email on and we will get back to you. You can also contact us using Facebook or Instagram "SpeedyMimiShop". Looking forward to hearing from you xoxo SpeedyMimi  

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Gift ideas.... Ahhh!

If you're anything like me buying a gift for someone... anyone, from your boss to your bff is a total and utter nightmare! Even though I know a birthday or Eid or whatever the present giving occasion is will be here soon, I still always start looking with only a few days (occasionally hours) to spare! This is why we have set up our wonderful gift collection. In it you'll find lots of affordable but fantastic gift ideas... from novelty socks (my personal favorite) to stationery! Because we are based in the UK all items arrive within a few days...

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Why Speedy Mimi.....?

Why Speedy Mimi?

Well who doesn't want a present from yourself... to yourself?

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